Kota Doria Dress Material

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44 products

Kota Doria Dress Material

At Aaditrifab, our Kota Doria dress materials have a very distinct woven fabric, a square-checked pattern available in different fabrics, cotton or cotton-silk.

Meaning and History of Kota Doria

You might have a question about what "Kota Doria” actually means. The word Kota comes from the city of Kota in Rajasthan, and Doria means thread. The square checked pattern that you see on the materials is known as "khat," which is a unique feature of Kota Doria dress materials. Our dress materials blend both fabrics as cotton makes the fabric quite strong, and silk gives a gorgeous look to it. It isn't easy to find authentic Kota Doria dress materials online. Still, Aaditrifab assures that the different varieties of Kota Doria dress materials available on our online platform are 100% accurate and have been handcrafted specially for you. However, many historians say Kota didn't actually originate from the place 'Kota.' It was in Mysore where Kota Doria was actually invented. The artisans who crafted the Kota Doria work were known as Masuria. During the Mughal reign, these Masurias were brought to the town of Kota by Rao Kishore Singh, who was a general in the rule of Shahjahan. As this work was too delicate and only the skilled artisans could weave this fabric.

Kota Doria Dress Materials Trends

We have embroidered or zari work Kota Doria dress materials, available in various colors that you can check online on our platform. Kota Doria as a material is preferred because of its lightweight, which makes it quite comfortable to wear, making it ideal for salwar kameez, lehengas, and sarees. Comfort and gorgeousness are the fashion statement in this era. Hence at Aaditrifab, we have fully adapted to this with our diverse range of Kota Doria dress materials.

Kinds of Kota Doria Dress Materials

  • Basic Kota Doria: This is a type of Kota Doria which are made out of simple fabric and mainly weaved with plain golden threads. This was generally used traditionally.
  • Block Printing Kota Doria: With time, the traditional Kota Doria was improvised by block printing which completely gave it a very different look.
  • Zari Border Kota Doria: Further, with time, Kota Doria dress materials were decorated with a zari border which definitely added an elegance to it.
  • Embroidery Kota on Kota Silk: Another unique design where the traditional Kota work is engraved on Kota Silk clothes, making it elegant and beautiful.

Kota Doria Dress Materials Features

  • The Kota Doria Dress materials are manufactured from wrap weft on handlooms, which is the reason for its attraction.
  • Various types of threads like silver, golden zari, silk, and cotton are sourced from various famous places like Karnataka, Gujrat, and Tamil Nadu.
  • As it has exceptional shine, it really looks gorgeous when you pair it up with a dupatta and salwar.
  • It is really soft due to the use of pure silk; hence it is very comfortable to wear and relatively light.



How are the beautiful Kota Doria Dress Materials made?

Generally, Kota Doria work is done by small households, with each family member participating in the process. Some of the steps involved in making Kota Doria are

  • Winding: In this step, the yarn is transferred from the hanks to the bobbin for wrap and on pirn for the weft.
  • Warping: It is the process to obtain the length of wrap which have desired a number of threads to complete the width of the fabric.
  • Dyeing: Then, these yarns are dyed (or colored) accordingly with pre-dissolved dyes.
  • Sizing: It is done to impart strength to the yarn. Often locally a rice pastes and wild onion juice is used.
  • Drafting-Denting-Piecing: The cotton and silk threads are drafted through the cotton ranch and dented through steel reed to produce the 'checks' or 'khat.' Another method is often used as an alternative to this that is threads of the wrap are tied to the threads of the last leftover warp.
  • Weaving: Through the throw shuttle technique, it is done quite skillfully that a good checked pattern is produced.
  • Designing: These are firstly made on a graph paper, and then it is woven into the fabric.

Where are they most popular as dress materials?

They are popular throughout India, but it is mainly demanded by the Indian Marwari community belonging to Rajasthan. Apart from that, they are also in demand from various cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Jodhpur, and Mumbai

What does Aaditrifab offer you?

We also sell Kota Doria dress materials on a wholesale basis. Traditionally, Kota Doria Sarees were available in beige color, but they are now available in different shades with modern times. At Aaditrifab, we have an exclusive collection that is a blend of both conventional and contemporary designs. So along with the beige color Kota dress materials, there are different shades available with zari and embroidery work. Our Kota Doria dress materials are priced very reasonably. So definitely choose your favorite from our exclusive collection. Yes, it is true that Kota Doria's work is traditional, but with time and new trends in Kota Doria's work, it has become quite popular again. Not only native population, but it has created a niche amidst international consumers. Aaditrifab has the exclusive collection of their Kota Doria fabric which you can avail of at some great prices. You would also be quite delighted to know that all the shipping charges for our products are completely free and our return policy is quite convenient in this regard.

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