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Silk Dress Material

When we talk about ethnicity, salwar suits always feature in our list.  But do you know what defines gorgeousness in the fashion world? It is a silk fabric. Silk fabric is incorporate in various attire with threadwork, embroidery, stones which gives a fashionable look.

How is Silk Fabric Made?

The pure silk fabric that goes into making these dress materials are made through a time-consuming process.

  • Heating cocoons: In this process, the silkworm cocoons are harvested to prevent the worms from emerging.
  • Unravelling the cocoon: In this process, a silk worker or a machine brushes the cocoon to find the loose end and then loading it through a porcelain eyelet into a reel that unravels the silk strand.
  • Loading: The silk strand, after unravelling it, is loaded onto the reel, then it is attached to another strand to make a continuous string.
  • Twisting: The silk producers twist these long strings and make them into a yarn.
  • Rolling: The yarn is then put onto a roller and made uniform.
  • Dyeing: After rolling, the yarns are dyed and bleached.
  • Weaving: This is the final stage where your dress materials are weaved as the yarns, which comes through the above process, are woven into a garment.

With this, you can understand how an unstitched silk salwar suits are created with such an intricate and time-consuming process.

Silk Dress Materials Trends

  • Pure Silk Punjabi Salwar Suit: One of the styles of silk salwar suits that are very popular among ladies is the Pure Silk Punjabi Salwar Punjabi silk salwar suits come in three parts, the kameez, which has a tight fit, a Patiala and a dupatta. You can select from our silk dress materials online and customize them accordingly.
  • Anarkali Suits: One of the most popular varieties of silk salwar suits are Anarkali suits. It is inspired by the clothing worn by noblewomen during Mughal times. Bollywood movies have played a significant role in popularizing Anarkali. Anarkali generally consists of three pieces the basic salwar suit designs a top and kameez.
  • Churidar Style Silk Salwar: Churidar style silk salwar is one of the gorgeous looking style suit, which is beautified with various ethnic designs that are stitched out with Resham threads and patch border work in borders and collars. In many silk salwar materials, there is heavy use of embellishments made out of kundan, cutdana, stones, aari work, booti work and gotta Patti work.
  • Tussar Silk Salwar Kameez: These types of silk dress materials generally have a dull gold texture with a beautiful appearance. They are made out of a unique silkworm species, and the beauty is just unmatched in these cases of dress materials.

Yes, it's true that trends matter. However, for a silk dress material, designs and patterns, the fabric are very important. Authenticity matters as most of the silk materials out there are fake and not at all authentic. Each type of silk dress materials is unique to its region, and one of the silk salwar kameez, which is famous for its region, is

Banarasi Silk Salwar Kameez: They have a royal look and are known for their intricate details and designs. It is made by complex dyeing and weaving procedure which is done through silk and zari threads.

Chanderi Silk Salwar Kameez: The Chanderi silk salwar kameez is relatively light and made out of a very soft and sheer fabric. Despite being light and sheer fabric, the golden zari effect can be created on it as the silk threads are woven with silver and gold threads, but it is subtle than the banarasi silk material.

What we at Aaditrifab offer you?

Aaditrifab has different silk dress materials available for silk churidar materials, silk Punjabi salwar suit. All our unstitched silk salwar suits are made from authentic, pure silk, which is then weaved in a different pattern. Designer suits are the fashion statement of this era, so you can purchase our silk unstitched suits and customize them accordingly to your choice and size. Our pure silk suits come in various embroidery designs like Gotta Patti work, Aari work suits which look quite visually appealing. When you wear a silk salwar suit, it resembles ethnicity and makes you look attractive and gorgeous. A silk salwar suit is a brilliant choice for weddings and celebrations as you can flaunt such suits even with light jewellery and makeup. We suggest you go for our neckline designs which looks very attractive.

We at Aaditrifab not only believe in providing stylish clothes but also guarantee you authenticity. Our dress materials are relatively easy to maintain. You can hand-wash the silk dress materials in cold water, and don't machine wash them with hard detergent as it will damage the embroidery work. So, this festive season choose your favourite Salwar suit from Aaditrifab and style yourself.


Since pure silk is a delicate fabric, it should be hand-washed or dry washed. Even if you hand-wash it, do it with a light detergent. Do not machine wash silk fabric as it will reduce the lustre of the material.

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