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Indigo Dress Material

 Indigo Dress Materials

Are you looking for a simple yet something gorgeous for your work or family functions? Then you should definitely go for something with indigo. An indigo salwar with an embellished dupatta is a great way to make a bold style statement. Indigo Blue as a colour is so versatile that it can be incorporated in salwar kameez, sarees, and so much more but still look elegant in every type of attire. The specialty of indigo dress material is that the colour adds a touch of sophistication to even the simplest designs. The colour is monochromatic yet so rich, and hence you can pair it up with anything to create an elegant look. 

 History of Indigo

 As the name suggests, indigo was originally from India. It was also endemic to parts of Africa and East Asia. Due to this, indigo actually used to be a rare commodity! Until a few centuries ago, indigo was sort of a royal dye that was used only by the aristocrats. It used to be shipped from far-off colonies and had the same status as coffee, tea, silk, and even gold. 

War and conflict across the globe had a substantial impact on the production and trade of Indian indigo. The Anglo-French war is one such example where large amounts of dye were produced for dyeing the French and the British uniforms. Post this, as we are all familiar, the British Rule in India brutally capitalized on this industry and forced the peasants to grow indigo instead of food. 

However, the cultivation of indigo has transformed over the years. 

Today, several initiatives promote the cultivation of indigo and the handlooms and weavers associated with the production of the fabric. With a strong shift towards organic products due to rising pollution rates, sustainable indigo is in the limelight as a very environment-friendly and aesthetically appealing alternative. 

Buy Unique Elements of Indigo Dress Material Online   

One of the most beautiful elements of Indigo clothes is block prints. These prints are often handmade and add a very authentic and elegant touch to the dress. At Aaditrifab, we have intricate designs on indigo suits and salwars using hand block prints. We also have a wide range of stylish designs and embroidery work for indigo block print dress materials. Our dupattas range includes the Chanderi dupattax, organza fabric dupatta, Kota Temple Border Dupatta, and the Mulmul Dupatta. We also have dress material in brown indigo. 

 How are they made?

 The harvested leaves of the Indigo plant are soaked in water to release the indican. This freed product starts to ferment with other plant enzymes. After the process is complete, when it is left to dry, it oxidizes in the presence of air and turns into blue indigo. This product is mixed with an alkaline solution to make a sludge. This is then pressed into cakes and left to dry. Finally, after solidification, these cakes are grounded into a fine powder, which is the indigo dye that reaches the market. The dyeing of the fabric can be done through many methods. Some standard techniques are pad steaming, rope dyeing, and loop dyeing. 

 What does Aaditrifab have in store for you?

Authentic fabric and style are tough to find, primarily online. But with Aaditrifab, you should keep your worries at bay. At Aaditrifab, we manufacture and distribute premium quality Indigo Dress Material online. We promise you the best quality, colour, and texture. Our exclusive design collection is also quite pocket-friendly and available at reasonable prices. We believe that comfort and style should always go together, so our indigo dress material is made out of pure cotton, which is very light, and you can comfortably wear it for hours. Indigo also has good perspiration fastness, which indicates the resistance of the fabric to external factors. 

 Easy Maintenance

The Indigo Dress Material at Aaditrifab are relatively easy to maintain. Since the fabrics are so soft, machine wash might ruin them. Hence, it is advisable that you handwash them. The garments are pure cotton, so they are very easy to handle and do not require any special treatment. 

Free Shipping and Easy Returns

At Aaditrifab, customer satisfaction is the priority. All of our products are made of 100% authentic materials with no synthetic additions. The end products are always checked before shipping. However, we understand that customers might have some concerns. Hence, we have created a very easy return policy with a 100% return of money. We have many attractive discounts throughout the year and also free shipping across India. 

Our Collection 

Our designs are specially customized to meet the demands of our customers. You can choose your favourite indigo printed dress material from our collection, which is suited for both casual occasions and celebrations. Depending on the event, you can accessorize these suits with embellished dupattas and shawls or statement jewellery. Here we are going to list some of the products from the exclusive collection of our Indigo dress material online:

  1. Indigo Chanderi Suit with Chanderi Dupatta:  This Chanderi fabric pair is sure to catch anyone’s eye due to the beautiful white hand printing on the blue fabric. The dupatta is made out of Chanderi silk white the suit material is cotton. 
  2. Brown Indigo suit with Mulmul Dupatta: This product is unique due to the brown indigo used to dye the fabric. It has an elegant white-colored design and can be paired with the dupatta made out of Mulmul cotton. 
  3. Designer Indigo Suit with Kota Dupatta: This designer Indigo suit is an exquisite piece that can be worn to functions. The Kota Dupatta is handprinted and has beautiful Zari work. 
  4. Indigo Dress Material with Organza Dupatta: This is a beautiful printed indigo fabric with block print designs on the material. The Organza dupatta is made out of Organza fabric and is embellished with beautiful thread work. 

These are just few of the products that are available at To check out more products from our collection, visit this link: 



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Cotton Dabu Print Suit With Kota Dupatta

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Indigo Cotton Printed Dress Material With Kota Silk Embroidery Dupatta

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Indigo blue designer cotton suit with chanderi embroidery dupatta

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Dabu print cotton suit with mulmul dupatta

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Indigo Chanderi Suit With Chanderi Dupatta

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Indigo Chanderi Suit With Chanderi Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,429.00Sale price Rs. 2,399.00