Gotta Patti Suit

Gotta Patti suits

Are you planning to go to a marriage party or a celebration? Then this season, create a unique look with our Gotta Patti suits. At AaditriFab, we have different types of Gotta Patti unstitched suits available in different colours and embroidered work, which you should definitely check out.

Origin of Gotta Patti

Many of us believe that Gotta Patti's work is traditionally from Rajasthan, but Gotta work actually is gold and silver lace from the city of Lucknow. This is made of metal coated weft yarn that also comprises of fibres like cotton or polyester. It has a unique design where the zari work is stitched to the fabric, making different patterns. Gota work was also quite famous during the Mughal period, and it was used to beautify almost everything like bed sheets, bags, housing appliances. The craftsmen who crafted this would reside in places like Bikaner, Ajmer, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

Why should you choose Gotta Patti work?

The reason you should choose Gotta Patti work is that it is unique. The intricate designs and embroidery speak volumes of the traditional ethnicity of the Indian textile industry. It is unique because the crafting process (drawing, cutting, folding) creates elaborate and detailed patterns, which are then sewn into the main fabric. Generally, the Gotta Patti work involves gold, silver, and copper that blends into the material so well and makes it really unique.

How is Gotta Patti work created?

Have you seen the intricate designs and details in the Gotta Patti work? It is so because the craftsmen craft and design it for so many days. The process is quite lengthy and time-consuming.

  • At first, the designs are traced on a paper, and then with a tracing paper, it is placed on the fabric to design over it by spreading chalk-powder over it.
  • Then depending on the design, the work is cut and folded into various shapes.
  • After this, it is applied by back-stitching it on the fabric.

Stylish trends with Gotta Patti dress materials.

  • Gotta Patti works with Chiffon Dupatta: A simple chiffon dupatta with Gotta work on suits really looks ethnic and fashionable.
  • Gota Detailing work with Silk Bandhej Dupatta: A cotton fabric dress materials with Gotta detailing work with a silk bandhej dupatta will not only make you comfortable but also stylish.
  • Chanderi Gota Patti Suit: A chanderi dress material with Gotta work looks absolutely stunning with a cotton silk Dupatta.

This is just to begin with, and there are various other designs that are trending now. Head to our website and check our exclusive collection.

How to maintain such a fabric?

Since the Gota work involves quite intricate work, try to simply handwash it with a soft detergent. Even if you are using a washing machine, try to wash it in a slow cycle with a mild detergent.


What type of motifs are used in Gotta Patti work?

Gotta Patti work uses various motifs; these are structured into buta, butties, and are shaped into different designs like a flower pot, mango, champak flowers, etc. They are then stitched with the base fabric by hemming. Another unique part of this fabric is the use of metal color sheets for a variety of ornamentation; this was traditionally done for the royalty.

How to find authentic Gotta dress materials

Gota work is found exclusively in fabrics, jewelry, and accessories. But the most important fact which distinguishes between authentic and fake is the metalwork in it. A traditional Gotta Patti work was done with real gold and silver, but it is done with several non-expensive metals like copper and others in modern times. So, if you see a Gotta dress material with only fabric gota and thick metallic paint, it is not at all an original gota work. You can only find original gota work if the metal is sewn through applique technique.

What we at Aaditrifab offer you?

At Aaditrifab, we have different types of Gotta work suits available; like Gotta Patti suit with chiffon dupatta, Gotta Patti works on Kota silk fabrics and many more. Gotta Patti suits are so unique because it takes a lot of time to design the Gotta work on suits. The term "Patti" in Gotta Patti refers to leaves, and these are then woven to create different motifs, applied on the fabric, and is decorated with embroidery work.

Do we provide authentic products?

At Aaditrifab, our Gotta Patti suits are 100 % authentic, where we assure you of quality fabric and embroidery work. Though it is uniquely handcrafted but our Gotta Patti suits are very reasonably priced, which you won't find on any other online platform. We also sell Gotta Patti suits wholesale basis. A Gotta Patti suit looks really stylish and elegant, giving an ethnic look. There are various types of Gotta Work available on our platform, both thick and thin according to your choice.  Our Gota Patti suits are relatively easy to maintain, as it involves delicate, it is better to handwash them. So definitely go through our Gotta Patti suit collection and choose your favorite.

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