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Chanderi and Maheshwari Saree Differences For Best Quality & Usage

Are you one of the non-handloom enthusiasts confused about Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees like most other women? Then, you’ve landed upon the best online saree selling site to put an end to your confusion.

As one of the boutiques of India’s authentic textile selling platform, also known by, we offer you a great range of Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees and will help you understand the difference between these two as well.

Unlike many other producers & sellers online who seem to use Chanderi and Maheshwari interchangeably and put them into a single category, here at Aaditri Fab, you will get to see both these textiles differently.

Purchase Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees For Women 

To begin with these two wonderful pieces of cotton sarees, you first should know that Chanderi and Maheshwari are two different textiles with different perceptible identities and rich history of their own.

Here at Aaditri Fab, we not only offer you variations on these two textiles but Maheshwari Chanderi suits as well. From young girls to women of older ages, we offer an exquisite variety on both of these prints.

Chanderi Maheshwari sarees are not a new form of textiles, they have been in the business for a long time, and both these sarees are made of cotton by silk yarns. Chanderi sarees are mostly woven in pure silk, whereas Maheshwari sarees have silk warp and cotton weft. But, both of them are great shopping choices for saree enthusiasts and extremely comfortable.

Top 3 Differences Of Chanderi Maheshwari Sarees By Aaditri Fab 

Before you finalize your favorite Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees to purchase, let us tell you the top 3 prominent differences between these two textiles first. It is a crucial step that we can’t let you miss!

Fabrication & Manufacture 

Although Chanderi Maheshwari sarees are too famous and sell out pretty quickly on Aaditri Fab, you as a buyer should know that Chanderis are woven with extra-weft technique, which is seen in Jamdani, Paithani & Benarasi. But, Maheshwari sarees are purely woven with cotton with zari borders.

In simple words, Maheshwari sarees are simple looking with elegant styling, and Chanderis add a bit of push to your styling with its extra gorgeous zari work.

Different Borders & Buttis

For Chanderi and Maheshwari-loving women, we at Aaditri Fab added a catalog for you to differentiate and select your favorite Chandei or Maheshwari saree. Chanderi, for instance, has better work of buttis, and borders are pretty simple than Maheshwari sarees. In Maheshwari cotton sarees, borders play a crucial role. These borders are way more gorgeous than Chanderis, and the butti is simpler than Chanderis. 

Style Discrepancy 

The absolute difference in both these sarees is the styling or design factor. Maheshwari sarees are simple, elegant, and have intricate sewing work on the borders, making them look the complete opposite to Chanderis. On the contrary, Chanderies are inspired by floral leaves, peacocks, fruits, and architecture of chanderi town. The design on these is very distinctive and sells in vibrant colors (magenta, fuchsia).

Hopefully, with these simple points in mind, you can find your perfect Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees at Aaditri Fab. Visit the site now to get exclusive deals and discounts for women and young girls purchasing Chanderi and Maheshwari cotton sarees.



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Cream color patola border chanderi silk saree

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Pastel color Chanderi Maheshwari silk Saree

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