Chanderi Dress Materials

Chanderi Dress Materials 

Are you ready to go gorgeous with an ethnic salwar suit? Salwar suits are special in their own way. On one hand they can be used for traditional purposes like rituals, weddings, and house parties, and on the other hand, they can be used for casual purposes as well. Salwar suits also look quite fashionable as formal wear. One of the fabric materials which absolutely looks stunning in a salwar suit is Chanderi Dress materials.

History of Chanderi Dress Materials

Chanderi is a small town in Madhya Pradesh and one of the most popular handloom centres in India. The craft of weaving has been passed on for generations. The cotton and silk produced by using this technique is not for its intricate texture and embellishment using zardosi work.

This town has been famous for weaving since the eleventh century. Back then, the strategic location of the town in Central India made it an important centre of trade as it connected the Northern and Southern parts of the country. Chanderi is famous for both its silk and cotton fabrics. Chanderi silk is generally available in three kinds, pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and Silk cotton.

The fabric of Chanderi is very famous for the texture and drape. The texture is very sheer in nature and the material is very light weight thus ensuring a luxurious drape.  Over the years, Chanderi fabrics have evolved to include a diverse range of artwork. The embroidery work that you notice on the dress materials like silk yarns or zari work came into being only after Chanderi silk's evolution. Chanderi fabrics are also very famous for the motifs that are designed. These motifs are usually inspired by nature- common motifs include swans (hamsa), gold coins (asharfi), trees, fruits, flowers and heavenly bodies. While these were initially restricted to such themes, the motif designs have evolved to include modern geometric patterns. Similarly, Chenderi fabrics were characteristically soft pastel hues. However, in  today's market, one can see a number of  combinations of bright colour borders on an off white base.

How is it made?

The manufacturing of Chanderi fabric is work intensive and requires a lot of skill. It is done through the weaving of silk and zari. The weaving is mostly done with cotton yarn, but the end product produces a shimmering fabric.

Beyond the quality of the fabric, Chanderi garments are famous for their intricate designs. This process is quite long and merely the planning of the design takes upto 3-4 days.

What does Aaditrifab have in store for you?

At Aaditrifab, we have an exclusive collection of both pure chanderi silk dress material as well as chanderi cotton dress material. At Aaditrifab, we have a unique and beautiful collection of unstitched chanderi salwar suit material which can be easily designed and adjusted according to your size. We have different shades of Chanderi suit dress materials available in different colours like blue, peach, beige and red chanderi as well as red khadi.

Often, people are very worried about the quality of products that are bought online. This is quite high while purchasing fabrics and dress material as the product turns out to be completely different from the images shown online. However, we assure you 100% authenticity in all the products that we sell. We source materials carefully and aim to bring you original products at reasonable prices. It is very difficult to find authentic chanderi silk dress materials online, but at Aaditrifab you are rest assured that our products are completely genuine.


At Aaditrifab, we understand that comfort is the primary element in attire, so we completely use pure materials. So, this fashion season flaunts our collection of cotton and silk chanderi dress materials. It is super comfortable and light to wear so definitely choose the best from our collection.

It is recommended that you hand wash the Chanderi dress materials with mild detergent, as harsh detergents with machine wash can ruin it. Do not soak the product and always dry it inside out after washing.

Free Shipping and Easy Returns

At Aaditrifab, customer satisfaction is the priority. All of our products are made of 100% authentic materials with no synthetic additions. The end products are always checked before shipping. However, we understand that customers might have some concerns. Hence, we have created a very easy return policy with a 100% return of money. We have many attractive discounts throughout the year and also free shipping across India.

Products at Aaditrifab

Here are some of the most popular products we offer:

  1. Off-white Chanderi Silk Suit with Dupatta: This material is extremely elegant and can definitely be worn to any important events. With a creamy off-white base, the golden zari work is so detailed and intricate creating a classy look for traditional and formal setups. This is one of the best Chanderi Silk dress materials online.
  2. Green Block Print Chanderi Silk Suit:  This lovely piece combines the beauty of pure chanderi silk dress material online with hand block printing.
  3. Grey Digital Print Suit: This product gives a modern twist to the Chanderi cotton dress material by digitally printing bold yellow blocks on a grey background.
  4. Red Chanderi Gotta Patti Suit With Green Chiffon Dupatta With Gota Border: This suit is one of the most elegant designs available under our Chanderi salwar suit dress material collection. The Red coloured suit has gotta patti handwork and is paired with a striking green dupatta with a Gota border.

The best part about Aadritifab is that we customize our products to meet the style of our customers. This way, we guarantee not just quality but an opportunity for you to design your own look and make your style statement. Check out our link to place your order now :






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Beautiful Mint Maheshwari Silk Block Print Suit With Maheshwari Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,579.00Sale price Rs. 2,500.00

Olive Digital Print Chanderi Silk Suit With Chanderi Silk Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,719.00Sale price Rs. 2,599.00

Green Digital Print Chanderi Silk Suit With Chanderi Silk Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,719.00Sale price Rs. 2,599.00

Sky blue color maheshwari silk suit with maheshwari silk dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,250.00Sale price Rs. 2,500.00

Baby Blue Chanderi Block Print Suit With Chanderi Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,357.00Sale price Rs. 2,199.00

Thulian Chanderi Block Print Suit With Chanderi Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,357.00Sale price Rs. 2,199.00

White Chanderi Silk Suit With Pink Kota Silk Embroidery Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,141.00Sale price Rs. 2,400.00

White Chanderi Block Print Suit With Chanderi Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,357.00Sale price Rs. 2,199.00

Peach Chanderi Block Print Suit With Chanderi Dupatta

Regular price Rs. 3,357.00Sale price Rs. 2,199.00